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Pneumo Pro Wind Director - 長笛氣流訓練器

Updated: May 25, 2023

Pneumo Pro Wind Director

長笛學習過程當中 氣流訓練器(PneumoPro) 有一個非常重要的角色- 氣流的速度視覺化

授課者更容易對學生解釋氣流和角度如何影響長笛的音色 .對初學者 嘴型的建立及如何發音 給很予大的幫助 ·吐音的練習 單吐 雙吐 ·八度音的轉換 ·一個樂句的練習(如何尾音不掉落) ·現代技巧的練習 哨 ·晚上練習不會吵到鄰居 非常適合在酒店練習不會被投訴。

The Pneumo Pro is the greatest teaching tool for flute lesson and flute practice at home

•blowing the low fan to practice the low note; blowing the high fan to practice the high note

•blowing from slow speed to fast speed to practice dynamic

•blowing the only one fan to produce the focus tone and improve the tone

•input the fan head to flute can practice at midnight without making the sound; also practicing the even fingering.

•correctly introducing the right way to blow the flute.

Tone production.

2. Tuning (especially when playing changes in dynamics.)

3. Focused double and triple tonguing

4. Smooth and connected flexibility between octaves.

5. Advanced techniques such as multiphonics.

Pneumo Pro Wind Director


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