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Marina Piccini and FLUTERSCOOTER: A stylish flute bag that expresses the charm of music

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Hi everyone! Today I would like to introduce to you an outstanding flute master Marina Piccini and her unique flute bag FLUTERSCOOTER.

Marina Piccini enjoys a high reputation in the flute circle for her outstanding performance and teaching achievements. And today, we're going to focus on the FLUTERSCOOTER bag she created.

The FLUTERSCOOTER is an innovative flute bag that combines functionality and style. Its unique design concept makes it more convenient and comfortable for flutists to carry the flute on a daily basis. This flute bag combines a lightweight scooter with practical flute bag functionality, making it easy for flutists to move and carry their instrument.

FLUTERSCOOTER flute bag provides excellent protection performance, the internal design takes the safety of the flute into consideration, and provides all-round protection for the instrument. At the same time, it provides additional storage space for the flutist to carry accessories and personal items.

Marina Piccini's innovation and passion for flute playing make FLUTERSCOOTER a unique choice in the flute world. It is not only a practical flute bag, but also can express the personality and style of the flutist.

If you are a flutist, whether you are a professional player or a learner, I strongly recommend you to understand and experience Marina Piccini's FLUTERSCOOTER flute bag. It will add convenience and fun to your music journey.

Let's pay tribute to Marina Piccini and her FLUTERSCOOTER! Her innovative spirit has brought new possibilities to the flute world, allowing us to express the charm of music more easily.


(Image source: FLUTERSCOOTER official website)

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