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Hernandez Flute - Modern Copy of G. A. ROTTENBURGH BOX Wood


    Godfridus Adrianus Rottenburgh, the son of J. H. Rottenburgh, carried on his father's legacy as an instrument maker. A number of original flutes crafted by this skilled builder have been preserved.

    One of the most renowned models is based on an instrument from Barthold Kuijken's collection, which he has prominently featured in numerous concerts and recordings.

    The original flute, created around 1745, was made of boxwood and treated with violin varnish to achieve its distinctive appearance. Comprised of seven parts, it is equipped with a foot register for fine-tuning adjustments.

    With its rounded embouchure and balanced sound, the Rottenburgh flute has become a versatile instrument capable of performing a broad range of baroque repertoire.

    Pitch: 415

    All handmade by Julio Hernandez in Spain.

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