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Roi Woodwind Backpack - Roi 長笛、竪笛、單簧管背包

Updated: May 26, 2023

Roi Woodwind Backpack

Roi 長笛/竪笛/單簧管 背包 100%防水 防震 恆溫 是特別為 長笛/竪笛/單簧管製作的專屬音樂人所有喔!

Roi Backpack is special made for Flute/Clarinet /Oboe players and Roi knows very well what player needs.

Roi Woodwind Backpack


The design of the Roi backpack is comfortable for shoulders, and there is big space for musical instruments, music scores, accessories and personal belongings.

Roi Woodwind Backpack



The inner bag has a special pocket for flute (C or B foot joint) and piccolo to keep your instruments safe.There is interior strap to keep your instrument safe and secure

There is a room for music scores and it can protect your scores.

Roi Woodwind Backpack


100% water proof, even zipper and using special insulated material for preventing outside temperature.

Roi Woodwind Backpack


In and out name tag


Roi Woodwind Backpack

如此貼心的Roi 木管樂器背包,讓你的樂器更加健康及安全!

顏色:黑色, 藍色, 咖啡色, 深藍色, 酒紅色

Roi Woodwind backpack keep your instrument in good condition and safe!

Colour : Black , Blue , Brown, Navy, Pink, Wine

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