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Roi Flute Swab - Roi樂器擦拭布

Updated: May 26, 2023

Roi Flute Swab


I particularly like this Roi flute swap as not only its texture is nice and soft, its perfectly for cleaning my flute.

Roi Flute Swab

Roi擦拭布有四種顏色,提供大家選擇 黑色,咖啡色,灰色,酒紅色

Roi Flute Swab has four colours for you to choose : Black, Brown, Grey, Wine

Roi Flute Swab

Roi 樂器擦拭布令樂器更亮麗,它的質地非常柔軟,而且不會刮傷樂器表層,且快速吸水 ,完美清潔表面和灰塵。除此之外,可以將它放入洗衣機清洗,長期使用。

Roi flute swab’s high quality fabric can easily clean dust away and absorbing the water efficiently. It’s texture won’t scratch the instrument. In addition Roi flute swab is machine washable and can be used over and over.

Roi Flute Swab

尺寸 : 40 x 40 及 40x80

Size : 40 x 40 and 40x80

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