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Roi Flower Stand for flute and piccolo - Roi長笛和短笛架

Updated: May 26, 2023

五彩繽紛的Roi不倒翁長笛花架 讓你的長笛生活添加更豐富的藝術色彩

The colourful Roi silicon flower stand let your flute life be more artistic

Roi Flower Stand


Here is a video showing how safe this flute stand is.


Non-Slip design base, perfect for protecting your instrument. 💕

Roi Flower Stand


重量: 500克

尺寸: 长 20cm × 宽 22cm × 厚 1.3cm

Easy to carry

Weight: 500 g

Size :20cm x 22cm x 1.3cm

Roi Flower Stand

請觀看影片-如何清潔Roi 長笛花架

How to clean Roi Silicone Flower stand for flute.

使用 100 % 的硅膠材質可完全避免珍貴的長笛樂器內管被刮傷

The use of 100% Silicon material to prevent non-scratch inner tube of precious flute instrument.

Roi Flower Stand


Roi -Silicon Flower stand for piccolo.

Just directly assemble the piccolo peg on top of flute peg.

Roi Flower Stand


A great gift for all flute friends.

Roi Flower Stand

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