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Date with Ula Ula Flute Bag - 與Ula Ula 長笛袋的約會

Updated: May 26, 2023

Date with Ula Ula Flute Bag

下午的陽光射進Wooloomooloo Prime餐廳的玻璃窗,亮麗的光線配上怡人的海景,不論是單純的午餐,或是取景拍照都是非常值得的,不愧是十大香港海景餐廳

The afternoon sunlight shines into the glass windows of the Wooloomooloo Prime restaurant. The bright sunlight is accompanied by a charming sea view. Whether it is a simple lunch or a photo shoot, it is very worthwhile. It is worthy of being one of the top ten Hong Kong sea view restaurants.

Date with Ula Ula Flute Bag

Ula Ula長笛袋的簡約時尚設計,不僅是我的長笛樂器袋而且還是我約會用的手袋。

The fashionable Ula Ula flute bag is not only for my flute, it’s also for daily use.

Date with Ula Ula Flute Bag


Inside cotton interior design to keep your instruments safe and warm during the traveling.

Date with Ula Ula Flute Bag


A special pocket for flute clean rod

攜帶時尚的Ual Ula長笛袋襯托出你的的獨特音樂風格。

Make yourself carry fashionable flute bag and Ula Ula flute bag will make your outfit even more extraordinary.

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